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ASN is a corporation founded in 1994 in the Dominican Republic. We are a consulting company providing information and services in specific areas of offshore gaming.

Sports wagering has been licensed in various countries for many years. Companies in England, Antigua, Commonwealth of Dominica, W.I., Margarita, Venezuela, Australia, Costa Rica, Saba, St. Kitts, and the Dominican Republic have all enjoyed success with offshore gaming.

In the United States, Nevada is the only state that legally permits sports wagering. Out of state telephone wagering is strictly prohibited. All wagers must be placed while you are in the state of Nevada at a licensed wagering facility.

Many prohibitions and restrictions limit sports wagering in the United States, denying sports enthusiasts the opportunity to place safe and legal wagers. ASN helps fill that void by assisting individuals and companies in establishing offshore wagering sites.

ASN has consulted with numerous companies and private individuals who wish to obtain a casino license, operate an online Internet sportsbook and virtual casino, or develop sports wagering by international telecommunications, including 800 number service.

We have associate personnel in Aruba, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, the Commonwealth of Dominica W.I., Antigua, St. Kitts and Margarita, Venezuela. We also have available a management team, with extensive executive-level experience in the gaming industry.

To protect the interests of our clients from unscrupulous individuals in these foreign countries, our expertise with legal representation throughout the Caribbean and South America with knowledge of the law in said countries is essential. We have technical expertise in telecommunications, banking, computer hardware and software, onsite accommodations, and staffing.

Due to the international interest involving offshore gaming along with the speed and efficiency of the Internet, the world has become a smaller place. Gambling has become a 24 hour, 7 day a week industry. People from all over the world are familiar with casino games and sports wagering. Most of the Internet gaming sites are multilingual and are available in 5 to 10 languages to satisfy a majority of the international community.

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