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ASN has the experience to locate casinos in the Caribbean and South America that are available for acquisition. Our professional staff will assist you in setting up, development, and if necessary, the day-to-day management of the casino. A bilingual staff will provide assistance and help during the initial and ongoing period of development. In addition to a casino license and site, the ASN staff will assist in acquiring all the equipment, furnishing and staff that will be required to complete the project. ASN will also act on a clients' behalf to investigate casinos the client may be interested in acquiring and are not on the market at the present time. It is understood that all inquiries will be confidential and handled on a one-to-one basis.

Our staff has experience in all phases of the gaming industry in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and the Caribbean where they occupied executive positions.

Due to the expansion of offshore 800 number telecommunications and Internet gaming, there has been an enormous interest with these particular sites to align themselves with existing casinos throughout the Caribbean. The companies doing this establish an onsite sports book in the casino where they, in turn, take wagers over-the-counter and sign up prospective members to open an account with their offshore operation. In that way, they build a client base that is solid and their customers have been to their facility and now realize that they are dealing with an offshore operation that has stability and a tangible presence. ASN, on behalf of its clients, would negotiate with existing casinos to set up this operation in a cost effective manner that would benefit everyone involved in the project.

As anyone can see, the marketing possibilities are endless. We feel that the difference between being very successful and in the forefront of the industry, or just mediocre, is based solely on three factors: 1) servicing your clients, 2) paying promptly and 3) marketing.

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