Offshore wagering in the last three years has exploded in the Caribbean and internationally. In order to provide our clients with information about local law and licensing in this particular field we have expert legal counsel in numerous jurisdictions throughout the Caribbean and South America. ASN will provide a fully licensed site to operate an international sports wagering service, with experienced personnel who will provide onsite consulting providing the best information with prompt and courteous service. ASN will provide a local onsite assistance to obtain a license for offshore wagering and the Internet. Telecommunications can be provided with international "800" number service. It is difficult to start up any new business venture. It is more difficult to do so in a strange country. There are instances where individuals and companies were taken advantage off in a strange country without understanding the language. ASN will take our clients step by step by providing such service as legal, housing and office accommodations, mail and delivery service and bilingual employees and staff. Wagering information and online odds services, computer equipment, training and customer service and computer software are also provided.

In the past two years various islands throughout the Caribbean have seen the opportunity that offshore gaming will bring to the economy of their island, and have since enacted legislation that would legalize gaming in their country. Various clients we have spoken to have gathered information on these particular areas based on rumor, not fact. It is very important that when choosing a location, you should have all the information at your disposal. By that we mean licensing cost, local legal fees, software and hardware cost, local employment, international telecommunications, Internet providers, and last but not least, banking. We at ASN gather all this information and provide you with the above cost. All of our information is backed up by fact and documentation. You will find that the prices on the above services vary greatly, depending on the contacts you have. We hope that by reviewing this material ASN will be able to represent you and bring your project to a profitable conclusion.

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