Internet Gaming, in our opinion, is the wave of the future in the gaming industry. Technology is moving at a rapid pace in the area of telecommunications, computer hardware and software, and the gaming industry is taking advantage of this technology to take us to the 21st century. A combination of these technologies have made it possible for a person in the comfort of their home to use their PC or WebTV to make wagers with licensed offshore sportsbooks on all domestic and international sporting events, including American football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, horse racing, and soccer, or play any number of casino games including blackjack, roulette, slots, craps, video poker, pai gow, and sic bo. ASN develops for its clients the technology for online sports wagering activity via an Internet Website. Online sports wagering is now a reality via the Internet. ASN will develop and provide you with a tailor-made program that will fit your particular needs. Presently our attention is devoted to sports wagering and virtual casinos.

Our staff of consultants and technicians have years of experience in the computer field and will be able to answer any questions by our prospective clients to justify their confidence in us in this particular field. We have been offshore since 1994 and are among the pioneers and innovators in this emerging industry.

With the rapidly changing developments in software and hardware, ASN is staying abreast of the industry and constantly discussing new ideas and concepts for adapting the new technologies to the gaming industry. Technology now exists to allow the bettor to enter their credit card number in their computer and have their card processed in a matter of minutes to activate their accounts. There will be certain limitations; there is a chargeback issue that has to be addressed. Once this issue can be resolved in a manner to satisfy the customer and the banks it will be a lot easier to use this method in order to wager via the Internet. At the present time, offshore companies are connected to negative data bases that are used in credit cared processing. If they do not pass certain standards, they will be rejected and not allowed into the system. This is one way that a company can eliminate chargebacks. Other methods of payment are wire transfers, certified check, or debit cards. We at ASN are constantly addressing the above banking and software developments; we feel it is very important to resolve these issues in order to move forward in the Internet gaming industry.

Because of the competitive nature of the top software companies involved in offshore gaming, the software is of the highest quality and the licensing fees and percentages are dropping drastically. This benefits the new individuals and companies getting involved in offshore gaming. In addition, these companies offer very aggressive tech support to keep their clients online and operating efficiently. Also, the major islands and countries are expanding their bandwidth and lowering their prices in order to be more competitive in the open market.

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