Both ASN and Joseph Gallagher have provided information on the emerging industry of offshore gaming to major magazines, newspapers and television news shows.

The following articles will serve to inform you about the latest developments in this field and provide background information about ASN.

Joe has also appeared on Bloomberg Financial News and Television, and on a report by Ethan Harp of NBC affiliate KSEE-TV, representing the industry point of view while California's Attorney General (and candidate for Governor) Dan Lundgren presented his case for banning the online gaming industry.

Contact ASN to request a free videotape of these interviews, as well as other informative footage and news reports.

"You Can Bet on It", by Linton Chiswick Financial Times of London, April 22, 2000

"Reaping the rewards of technology from cyber casinos", Washington Times, Friday, July 30, 1999

"Cyber Betting Hits It Big", by Eric Mitchell Street and Smith's SportsBusiness Journal February 1-7, 1999

"Carib islands capitalize on offshore gambling", by David Marchant Offshore Alert, August 28, 1997

"Offshore gambling at home via Net", by David Adams St. Petersburg Times, November 16, 1997

"Super Sunday, super bets", by Dan McGraw U.S. News and World Report, January 26, 1998

"The Changing Face of Offshore Bookmaking", by Buzz Daly AOL Sports Fan, Wednesday, February 25, 1998

"Currently a Buyers' Market for Offshore Books", by Buzz Daly AOL Sports Fan, March 24, 1998

"Q & A With Industry Insider Joe Gallagher", Winner's Edge, May 21, 1998

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